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SEO Auswertung
SEO Auswertung

4 steps to more visibility and sales

1. objectives & getting to know each other

It all starts with getting to know each other. Together we will discuss your goals, check what effort is required and what we can realistically achieve.

We will then familiarize ourselves with your business. Who is your target group? What are your strengths? The better we understand your business, the more effective our SEO support will be.

2. analysis of your website

After the preliminary skirmish, it’s time to get to work on your website. We examine all areas in detail and identify possible obstacles to success and optimization potential.

At the same time, we identify all relevant keywords for you and develop the SEO strategy and an editorial plan.

3. implementation of the measures

The fun begins: Systematic SEO measures get you ahead. Technical search engine optimization, excellent content and sustainable outreach measures are the key to better Google rankings, more traffic, customers and sales.

Now we’re getting your KPIs moving!

4. reporting and fine-tuning

Monthly evaluation: After each month you will receive a transparent report on the measures implemented, your current Google rankings, traffic figures and conversions.

This keeps you up to date and we can continue to optimize the SEO campaign.

Monthly SEO services for your company

Our full service covers the entire spectrum of SEO services:

  • Keyword research: We find the search terms that your target group uses.
  • On-page SEO: Optimization of your website content for search engines and users.
  • Technical SEO: We make sure that your website functions technically flawlessly.
  • Content creation: High-quality content that inspires both your target group and search engines.
  • Link building: Building a strong backlink profile to increase your authority.
  • Local SEO: Local visibility for companies targeting local markets.
  • SEO audits: Detailed analyses to identify and eliminate weaknesses.


Complete SEO support

Prices for all-round SEO support

local seo

Local SEO campaign

This is all about visibility in your immediate surroundings. We make you the top dog in your city.

from 1.199€

per month
marketing idea

6 months Seo support

The kickstart for your online marketing. With this website optimization we create the basis for better visibility.

from 1.920€

per month

12 months ongoing SEO support

You don’t do things by halves? Then let’s get straight into it. 365 days of SEO support for your website. We thank you for your trust with a discount.

from 1.728€

per month

What our customers say

"We have been working with Hannes from TRYSEO for almost a year now and are very satisfied with the results. Thanks to the professional advice and effective planning and implementation of measures, we were able to greatly improve our visibility and increase relevant customer inquiries many times over. I can warmly recommend TRYSEO."

David Merz
David Merz

"Hannes from Tryseo has incredibly good tricks up his sleeve. Using specially programmed tools, he analyzes data on a completely different level. I also know a thing or two about SEO and can recommend Hannes with a clear conscience"

David Merz
Steffen Raebricht
Transactional Analysis Online

"Clean, professional work exactly as agreed - happy for many years. To be recommended without reservation, thank you!"

David Merz
Phillipp Müller

The right SEO strategy

Search engine optimization is rarely a one-size-fits-all process. Every industry and every business model has its own rules.

That’s why we develop a customized strategy to help you reach your goal as efficiently as possible and assert yourself in your industry.

B2B SEO case study

Better Google placement, more visitors, more orders

Online Courses Case Study

This allows you to reach your target group at every stage of the purchasing decision.

Our approach

We view full SEO support as a long-term partnership, with a very clear focus on the only relevant key figure: ROI.

Efficiency and cost-benefit considerations are at the forefront of all measures.

We don’t start a campaign by rewriting 583 meta descriptions (Google likes to do that itself anyway).

Not even by investing countless hours for a minimally better PageSpeed score.

No, we are looking for the real levers for the growth of your website. And we want to get them out as quickly as possible. Because we need momentum to take off!

growth chart

This is how it works for us

  1. Initial meeting: Tell us about your goals and challenges.
  2. Individual analysis: We evaluate your current online presence.
  3. Strategy development: Receive a customized action plan.
  4. Implementation: Our experts start by optimizing your website.
  5. Ongoing optimization: We continuously adjust and improve to achieve the best results.
Website optimization growth

Frequently asked questions about monthly SEO support

When can I expect results?
It varies from project to project until the first successes of SEO work become noticeable.

Depending on the initial situation, the implementation of the measures will take more or less time. The search engines then have to re-record the changes, classify them and reflect them in the ranking. This also takes some time.

However, the first results are usually visible after around 6 months.

How long does SEO support take?

SEO is a continuous process. It is advisable to regularly review and update the SEO plan in order to react to changes in search algorithms, new trends and your own business development.

An annual review of the plan is the minimum, but quarterly or even monthly adjustments can be useful.

What advantages can I expect?
Once you have achieved a few good rankings for important keywords, you will benefit from a steady stream of visitors.

You reach potential customers at exactly the right time: when they are googling for a solution to their problem – which you can solve.

So it’s not just about increasing the number of visitors to your website, but above all about attracting customers who are ready to buy.

What is the difference between local SEO?
Yes, local SEO focuses on improving the visibility of a website in local search results.

It includes special techniques such as optimization for Google My Business entries, local keywords and regional backlinks.

The scope of work, especially in content creation, is generally less than with traditional SEO support.

Ready for your SEO campaign?

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