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Simply implement SEO measures yourself – with structure

In today’s digital world, it is essential that your website not only exists, but is also seen. At TRYSEO, we understand that online visibility is crucial to the success of your business.

That’s why we have developed the SEO package of measures – a professionally prepared and structured roadmap that you can then implement yourself.

This package is your comprehensive guide to digital success, focused on improving technical SEO, content, website structure and targeted keyword research with a detailed editorial plan.

Secure a top Google ranking with our SEO roadmap

With our SEO package of measures, we offer you a comprehensive, individually tailored plan that enables you to optimize your website independently.

You will not only gain an in-depth understanding of the core areas of search engine optimization, but also concrete, actionable steps that will lead to a significant improvement in your online presence.

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What you get with the DIY package

Evaluation & recommendations technical SEO

Technical SEO forms the foundation of your website. Our experts analyze and optimize the architecture of your site to ensure that search engines can read and index it easily. These include:

  • Correct schema markups: Use structured data to improve the presentation and visibility of your content in search results.
  • Optimal HTML structure: Ensuring a logical hierarchy and clean, semantic marking of your web pages to make it easier for search engines to understand and categorize your content.
  • Crawlability: Optimization of access for search engine crawlers through a customized robots.txt file to highlight important pages and exclude irrelevant content.
  • Indexability: Ensuring that all relevant pages can be found via an XML sitemap and can therefore be effectively indexed by search engines.


Content audit + editorial plan

Good content is more than just text. It must be valuable, relevant and target group-oriented. With our package of measures you get:

  • Keyword research: Detailed research that forms the basis for your content to ensure that you rank for the right search terms.
  • Content optimization: We guide you on how to optimize your existing and future content to increase visibility and relevance.
  • Editorial plan: A customized plan that helps you strategically plan and implement your content for maximum impact.


Professional keyword research

A central component of our package of measures is comprehensive keyword research, which forms the basis for your editorial plan. We identify the keywords that are most relevant to your business and offer the highest potential. We then develop a customized editorial plan that helps you to strategically plan your content and improve your ranking. This plan includes:

  • Targeted keywords for your industry and your offer.
  • Content ideas based on these keywords that appeal to your target group.
  • publication rhythm to ensure a continuous presence and topicality.


Plan for optimal website structure

A logical and user-friendly website structure is essential for usability and SEO. We support you in developing a structure that:

  • Optimized user guidance: Intuitive navigation leads to a better user experience and increases the time spent on your site.
  • Internal linking strengthens: Internal links are important for SEO as they help to distribute authority within your website.
  • Avoid duplicate content: We show you how to identify and eliminate duplicate content to avoid negative effects on your ranking.


Long-term link building support

Your SEO package of measures

Success in Google search is no coincidence, but the result of targeted planning and well thought-out implementation. With our package of measures, you are ideally equipped to put your website in the fast lane!

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What our customers say

"We have been working with Hannes from TRYSEO for almost a year now and are very satisfied with the results. Thanks to the professional advice and effective planning and implementation of measures, we were able to greatly improve our visibility and increase relevant customer inquiries many times over. I can warmly recommend TRYSEO."

David Merz
David Merz

"Hannes from Tryseo has incredibly good tricks up his sleeve. Using specially programmed tools, he analyzes data on a completely different level. I also know about SEO and can recommend Hannes with a clear conscience"

David Merz
Steffen Raebricht
Transactional Analysis Online

"Clean, professional work exactly as agreed - happy for many years. To be recommended without reservation, thank you!"

David Merz
Phillipp Müller
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Your advantage with us

  • Independent implementation: The package of measures allows you to carry out the optimizations at your own pace and according to your own resources. You are not dependent on external service providers and can react flexibly to changes.
  • Cost efficiency: By implementing the SEO measures yourself, you save considerable costs that would otherwise be incurred for consulting and implementation by an external agency.
  • Customized strategies: The package is designed specifically for your company and your website. This gives you a strategy tailored to your needs that is much more effective than general approaches.
  • Expand your know-how: By working with the package of measures, you will expand your SEO knowledge and understanding, which will help you to improve and maintain your web presence independently in the long term.
  • Measurable success: We attach great importance to ensuring that the proposed measures deliver measurable results. You can track the success of your efforts using specific KPIs and thus evaluate the effectiveness of your strategy.

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