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Are you ready to take your Shopify store to the top of the SERPs? Contact us for a free initial consultation and discover how TRYSEO can transform your online store.

With us as your partner, you will not only reach your target group, but also exceed your sales targets. Let’s take your Shopify SEO to the next level together!

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Monthly SEO support

Our monthly SEO support is designed to continuously improve your Shopify store and keep it up to date with the latest SEO practices. This service includes:

  • Technical SEO: We take care of the loading times, mobile-friendliness and security of your store.
  • Content strategy: Development and optimization of SEO-optimized content that both appeals to your target group and complies with search engine guidelines.
  • Keyword research: Identifying the keywords that your target group uses to find your products or services.
  • Backlink building: Creating strategies to get strong backlinks from trusted sites that increase the authority and ranking of your store.
Specific SEO packages

For Shopify operators who want to improve certain aspects of their store, we offer specific SEO packages. These include, among others:

  • Website audit
    A comprehensive analysis of your store to identify technical deficiencies, user experience problems and optimization potential.

  • Keyword research
    In-depth analysis to identify the optimal keywords for your store.
  • Content audit and optimization: Evaluation and improvement of your existing content to increase its relevance and effectiveness.

  • Link building
    Development and implementation of strategies to build strong backlinks.
Search engine advertising (SEA)

While SEO aims to generate long-term organic traffic, SEA offers the opportunity to achieve immediate visibility in search engines. Through targeted advertising campaigns, we reach your potential customers exactly when they are searching for your products or services. Our SEA experts are constantly optimizing the campaigns to ensure maximum efficiency and ROI.

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6 months Seo support

The kickstart for your Shopify Shop. With this website optimization we create the basis for better visibility.

from 1.920€

per month

12 months ongoing SEO support

You don’t do things by halves? Then let’s get straight into it. 365 days of SEO support for your e-commerce business. We thank you for your trust with a discount.

from 1.728€

per month

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TRYSEO combines industry-leading SEO practices with a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities of Shopify stores. Our team of experienced SEO experts relies on transparent communication and customized strategies to lead your company to success.

We understand that every Shopify store is unique, so we offer flexible solutions that are tailored to your needs and goals.

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