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Maximum website performance with technical SEO

In the world of online marketing, SEO is no longer just an advantage, but a necessity. Technical SEO plays a decisive role here.

We optimize the structure of your website so that search engines can understand it more easily and index it more efficiently.

Professional SEO solutions

At TRYSEO, we offer comprehensive consulting and optimization in the field of technical SEO. From basic website audits to specific customizations for multilingual websites and online stores – we have the expertise you need.

website Audits

SEO Audit

A technical SEO audit is the first step towards optimizing your website. We analyze your site thoroughly, identify problem areas and develop a tailor-made optimization plan.
technical SEO


We ensure that search engines can crawl your pages effectively by eliminating access barriers and improving the crawlability of your website.
crawling robots

Sitemap +

A well-structured sitemap and a correctly configured robots.txt file are crucial for guiding search engines through your website.


We check and optimize the HTTP status codes of your website to ensure that all pages are delivered correctly and do not contain any unwanted redirects or error pages. To avoid duplicates and control indexing, we specifically use “noindex” instructions and canonical tags.
Website rendering


Correct display on all devices and platforms is essential. We optimize JavaScript and CSS files and ensure that your website is mobile-friendly.
pagespeed web vitals loading times

Pagespeed & Web Vitals

We increase the loading speed of your pages by optimizing images, minimizing scripts and improving the server response time. By using Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) and optimizing according to Core Web Vitals, we guarantee fast and stable performance across geographical borders.
website structure

Structure & Navigation

A logical and SEO-friendly URL structure is the backbone of a well-indexed website. We help you to develop such a structure. Breadcrumbs not only improve the user experience on your site, but also help search engines to categorize and evaluate the page structure.

Safety aspects

Security is a ranking factor. We ensure that your website is delivered securely via HTTPS.
structured data

Structured data

Structured data helps search engines to better understand the content of your pages and display them more attractively in search results.

Technical SEO for multilingual websites – Become internationally successful

Multilingual websites pose particular challenges. We ensure that each language version is indexed and displayed correctly.
multi language
Online Shop Tech SEO

Technical SEO for online stores – your products in the spotlight

Online stores need a special SEO strategy. We optimize your product and category pages to increase visibility and ranking.

What our customers say

"We have been working with Hannes from TRYSEO for almost a year now and are very satisfied with the results. Thanks to the professional advice and effective planning and implementation of measures, we were able to greatly improve our visibility and increase relevant customer inquiries many times over. I can warmly recommend TRYSEO."

David Merz
David Merz

"Hannes from Tryseo has incredibly good tricks up his sleeve. Using specially programmed tools, he analyzes data on a completely different level. I also know about SEO and can recommend Hannes with a clear conscience"

David Merz
Steffen Raebricht
Transactional Analysis Online

"Clean, professional work exactly as agreed - happy for many years. To be recommended without reservation, thank you!"

David Merz
Phillipp Müller

Reach your full website potential with our tech SEO agency

Investing in technical search engine optimization is the decision to help your company achieve sustainable growth and success.

With us at your side, you have a partner who understands you, supports you and makes your goals a reality. Start your journey to the top of the search results today and discover the full potential of your online presence.

B2B SEO case study

Better Google placement, more visitors, more orders

Online Courses Case Study

This allows you to reach your target group at every stage of the purchasing decision.

Website optimization growth

This is how it works for us

  1. Initial meeting: Tell us about your goals and challenges.
  2. Individual analysis: We evaluate your current online presence.
  3. Strategy development: Receive a customized action plan.
  4. Implementation: Our experts start by optimizing your website.
  5. Ongoing optimization: We continuously adjust and improve to achieve the best results.

Frequently asked questions about technical SEO consulting

What is technical SEO?

Technical SEO refers to optimizing the technical aspects of your website to improve indexing, crawling and overall search engine friendliness.

It includes a variety of measures, such as optimizing the page structure, improving the loading speed and ensuring mobile compatibility.

Why is technical SEO important?

Without a solid technical foundation, your website may struggle to rank well in search results, regardless of the quality of the content or backlink structure. Technical SEO helps to ensure that search engines can crawl and index your website effectively, which is essential for good rankings.

What does a technical SEO audit involve?

A technical SEO audit involves checking your website for a variety of factors that influence search engine optimization. This includes checking the sitemap, analyzing the robots.txt file, checking for duplicate content, analyzing the website architecture and checking mobile-friendliness and loading speeds.

Is a one-time optimization sufficient?

Technical SEO is not a one-off project, but an ongoing process. Technological changes, updates to search engine algorithms and the development of your own website require regular checks and adjustments in order to achieve optimal results.


TRYSEO combines industry-leading SEO practices with a deep understanding of digital marketing to deliver customized solutions that get real results. With a team of experienced SEO experts, transparent communication and a strong focus on customer needs, we offer a service that will help your business grow.

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