Explosive growth (2300% year-over-year) of organic traffic and qualified B2B leads through strategic SEO

Veröffentlicht: 5. March 2024

Nexova, a young & dynamic Swiss company, has experienced a breathtaking increase of over 2300% in organic traffic and a similarly impressive increase in qualified leads within one year in cooperation with us.

But how did we achieve this extraordinary result? Let’s take a look behind the scenes!

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The challenge

Nexova faced the challenging task of attracting not only local but also international attention in the highly competitive Swiss fiduciary market. The aim was to appeal to entrepreneurs worldwide who want to use Switzerland as a business location for their company.

The challenge was to develop a strategy that would help Nexova grow exponentially in both organic traffic and qualified lead generation.

The strategy

Our approach was based on an in-depth analysis of Nexova’s target group and the specifics of the Swiss market. Building on this, we developed a multi-layered SEO strategy based on two main pillars: content marketing and optimization for high-intent keywords.

1. content marketing: the blog as a knowledge center

In order to pick up potential leads in the early phase of their purchase decision, we rely on an extensive blog. This served as a knowledge center that not only informs interested parties about Nexova’s services, but also provides valuable information about Switzerland as a business location.

Topics such as tax benefits, requirements for setting up a company and other essential aspects were covered in detail. In addition, we offered practical resources, such as business plan templates and contract generators, to maximize value for readers.

2. optimization for high-intent keywords: targeted landing pages

In parallel to content marketing, we focused on the creation and optimization of landing pages for high-intent keywords. These specially designed pages were aimed at directly addressing users with a high purchase intention and making it easier for them to find Nexova’s offers.

Through the combination of valuable content and targeted keyword optimization, we were able to significantly increase visibility in the search engines and simultaneously increase the conversion rate.

The results

The results speak for themselves: after just one year of the campaign, Nexova recorded an impressive increase of over 2300% in organic traffic. But more importantly, thenumber of qualified leads generated through these channels reflected similarly overwhelming growth.

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These figures are a clear sign of the success of our SEO strategy and the effectiveness of well-thought-out content marketing in combination with targeted keyword optimization.

Hannes Kaltofen

Hannes Kaltofen

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