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Veröffentlicht: 22. February 2024

Our rapid success story with the sports car portal DRIVAR: an organic traffic increase of 375% in one year. This corresponds to 183,905 new visitors and potential customers!

Specialization vs. authority: How we conquered the rental business in the sports car segment

The rental industry is a tough place. This applies not only for the offline world, but also for the digital environment. Well-known providers and global car rental companies are at the top of the search results.

Claiming important keywords in this market environment is not an easy task. The only advantage for us: specialization on sports cars. The DRIVAR rental portal offers sports cars and other luxury vehicles for rent. With lots of content, over 300 advertisements and intensive link building, we were able to claim the top positions for keywords such as “rent a sports car”.

+375% organic traffic in one year and top rankings throughout Germany

Admittedly, we have been working on the DRIVAR project for several years in total. Nevertheless, we can look back on great successes in the last 12 months (as of April 2021).

Last year, 232,881 visitors found their way to DRIVAR via Google search. In comparison: in the previous 12 months, there were 48,976 users.

GA excerpt

The increase in traffic comes out of nowhere. Many #1 rankings for important keywords in the sports car rental sector have boosted visitor numbers.

This was accompanied by a massive increase in inquiries and ultimately sales figures. We are currently working on a variant for the US market. We are excited to see if we can also gain a foothold overseas!

Fast cars, fast success: we are staying in the fast lane with the sports car portal and will continue to increase traffic.

The project also shows once again: In an SEO environment where there are many large authoritative sites, the only thing you can do is specialize and focus fully on your own niche. This way, even the “big ones” can be beaten!

Hannes Kaltofen

Hannes Kaltofen

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