SEO in B2B? +2500% organic traffic in 6 months

Veröffentlicht: 22. February 2024

Is SEO worthwhile in the B2B sector? Especially in an “old-fashioned” sector such as industrial plant engineering? Everyone here relies on tried and tested business partners anyway!

Do these statements sound familiar to you? Then we have a good counter-argument here: our success story with Busch-Hydraulik.

“Even in the B2B sector, there are only people at the other end. And they also google for a solution to their problem.”

We started the race with Busch-Hydraulik in December 2020 with this principle in mind. The medium-sized company from the Harz region specializes in the manufacture of hydraulic systems and hydraulic power units. A thoroughly conservative sector in which a lot of reliance is placed on tried and tested business partners. It is also a relatively small niche with manageable search queries. Does SEO even make sense here?

A healthy dose of skepticism was definitely appropriate. But that’s not a reason to be discouraged! The thing also has an advantage.

In a market environment where the topic of SEO does not receive much attention yet, comparatively quick successes can be achieved. And that’s exactly what we did!

google analytics excerpt

Better Google placement, more visitors, more orders

The SEO project was preceded by a complete website relaunch. The former homepage of the hydraulics company was simply not up to date.

There was hardly any relevant content, the site was not optimized for mobile devices and the look was no longer contemporary.

The new website was developed with a focus on SEO from the scratch and structured accordingly.

Landing pages to cover the most important keywords (=search terms), high-quality blog content, new photo material and a fresh design were on the agenda.

The work quickly bore fruit. Within just a few months, we have achieved many important top 10 / top 3 rankings.

Of course, the effects were not only reflected in visitor numbers. Traffic in itself is worth nothing, after all it has to convert, right?

Numerous new orders, including larger projects in the 6-digit sales range, have been generated via the new website so far.

But there is still a long way before we reach our goal! This is a strong interim result for us and we are excited to see what successes will be achieved in the coming months! (as of June 2021).

Either way: SEO in the B2B sector is not worth it? -> We say: Nonsense! Even in the B2B sector, no matter how conservative the industry is, people work at the end of the day. And people google for a solution to their problem. Whether for private or business use.

Hannes Kaltofen

Hannes Kaltofen

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